Tips For Homeowners To Keep Cool

There’s no reason to blow your top or get mad over high electric bills.  Over time your bills will go up and they will go down.  For those months when the power bills are down, you can take steps to ensure that your HVAC units are functional and totally serviced.  Calling companies like Day & Night will put you ahead of the game as well as discover any potential problems that could creep up unexpectedly.

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Monitor your filter

The one thing that most of us don’t look at or think about is the filter.  The filter is what helps keep the air clean and prevents clogs and other issues.  Each month, you want to pop open the cover of the air conditioning and look inside.  There you will see a filter that is on the cooling unit.  Make sure that it isn’t caked in dust.  If it is, remove it and replace it.

Maintain your yard

Another thing that we don’t think about is our yard.  When you look at your yard you want to find your outdoor unit.  As you look at the unit you want to remove any large plants, trees or grass that is growing up around it.  If this grass gets too tall or if you allow plants to grow into the unit, it could cause a lot of damage and prevent proper air flow into your home.

Have a programmable thermostat

The thermostat is what you want to manage.  This is what will keep your home cool.  Make sure that you have fresh batteries as well as have it set to specific times and temperatures.  If you are never home and no one is inside, consider having it raised to a higher level.  Then, thirty minutes before you come home have it kick on so you have a comfortable home to return to an a power bill that isn’t wasting money.